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West Hawai‘i Community Kitchen Update

We are now in the final stages of the permitting process for West Hawaii’s first community kitchen!

The West Hawaii Community Kitchen will house a community foodservice that provides essential nutritional support to hundreds of at-risk children and elders, as well as a separate kitchen for value-added processing by local farmers for increasing the value of their agricultural production.

The architectural and engineering processes are complete, planning department approval received, and building permits are expected in September 2018. The project bidding process is complete, a contractor, Tinguely Development, has been selected, and we are ready to go as soon as the building permits have been issued.

Stay tuned for further updates!


BID PACKAGE for Phase IIb Campus Construction

Aloha Contractors!

Thank you for your interest in bidding on our Phase IIb Campus Construction Project. Contractors can bid on the Community Kitchen project, the Building G project, or both.

Please download all four pdf files – mahalo!

Main Bid Package

A101-2007 Owner-Contractor Agreement

A201-2007 General Conditions of the Contract for Construction

A312-2010 Performance Payment Bond

West Hawaii Community Kitchen Planning Survey Report

In April 2015, Friends of Kona Pacific Public Charter School (Friends) received a Grant in Aid for the construction of a community kitchen that will house the school’s foodservice program and will also be available to local farmers and producers for value-added processing.

In October 2015, Friends launched a comprehensive community planning process in order to engage community stakeholders in meaningful opportunities to provide input regarding the value-added production kitchen design, equipment, location & operation. Friends
recognizes that it is essential that we receive input from our community in order to make well- informed design and planning decisions that meet the value-added processing needs of our community and local farmers.

In February 2016, the data gathered through the community planning process will be submitted to Kapiolani Community College. KCC will then use that data to generate preliminary kitchen design documents.

To read the full report: W.H.Community Kitchen-Report-FINAL


Kona Pacific Community Kitchen Planning Survey

We are excited to launch our site, building, equipment, and program design process for the Kona Pacific Community Kitchen!

We need your input in order to create a kitchen that meets the needs of our community and local farmers.

Here are the links to the surveys that will help us ensure that the design of the new community kitchen meets the need of our community and local farmers: